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I work with women who feel exhausted, time pressured, whose immune systems are wiped out. Through creating bespoke programmes including holistic treatments and massage my clients regain their well being, energy and sparkle!

With 34 years of holistic health care and well being therapy practice, I joyfully work with women who know the importance of good health and taking care of themselves.

In Business we have to be the best and so work and life balance becomes out of sync. This can have a knock on effect to our relationships, and we can feel that things are lacking or unhappy. Just one Aromatherapy will show you how much more energised you could feel!

Aromatherapy alleviates 100% of stress which is good news as stress causes 75% of all disease. Aromatherapy also builds the immune system to work more efficiently, which may help to support you should you find yourself going down with a weakened immune system....

'Early research suggested that coronavirus antibodies-blood proteins that protect the body from subsequent infections-could fade within months. But in their concern about those findings' implications, many people failed to consider our immune system's multi-layered defence against invading pathogens. Specifically, they discounted the role of white blood cells, which have impressive powers that can help your body mount another attack against the coronavirus should it ever return. Memory T cells are an especially key type, since they identify and destroy infected cells and inform B cells about how to craft new virus-targeting antibodies.

A study published in the journal cell suggests that everyone who gets COVID-19 even people with mild or asymptomatic cases-develops T cells will lightly prove critical for long- term immune protection against COVID-19" the study authors wrote adding that they" may prevent recurrent episodes of severe COVID-19".

That's because memory T cells can stick around for years, while antibody levels drop following an infection.

On the subject of Mental Health after this world exploding - we can together explore how best we can help with these challenges and create a health care plan which can include Homeopathy, Advanced Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage also Organic Neal's Yard Organic Facials all within easy reach of Amersham, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Marlow, High Wycombe.

Advanced Reflexology

Any science behind it?

Various pieces of research have looked into Reflexology -

An Israeli study of M.S patients found that 11 weeks of Reflexology improved motor, sensory and urinary problems.

UK research found reflexology to be "as effective as painkillers"

Because participants felt 40% less pain and could stand pain for 45% longer when they used it as a method of pain relief.

A small study linked it to improve heart efficiency, while a systematic review in 2011 that included 23 studies revealed eight of them indicated a benefit for certain conditions.

All of my treatments will really help you to feel more energised and rejuvenated. Through our fabulous sessions together you’ll gain a greater sense of well-being, balance, and of course sparkle!


My location

I am based in HIGH WYCOMBE, close to BEACONSFIELD. my practice is within easy reach of Amersham, Beaconsfield, Burnham, Cookham, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Henley, HIGH WYCOMBE, Maidenhead, Marlow, Prestwood, The Chalfonts, and Windsor My practice is 5 minutes from the M40/ Junction 4.

Fees & availability

Advanced Reflexology

  • On average treatments take approx 50-60 minutes and Charges £50.00

Homeopathy/Asyra Allery Testing

  • Asyra consultation one hour: £85.00,
  • Homeopathic consultations: £75.00 (This includes up to Three Remedies).
  • ALL Consultations; £85.00

Aromatherapy Massage

  • Full Aromatherapy massage lasting 70 minutes. £75.00
  • Back Massage lasting 40 minutes is £50.00.

Homeobotanical Therapy

  • Express facial lasting 60 Minutes for the person who is on the move.
  • Cleanse Tone Exfoliate plus 15 minutes of massage to the face/neck/shoulder.
  • Finish with moisturizer for day or evening. £60.00

All other treatments like Renaissance Facial 75 Minutes, This wonderful facial starts with a 30 minute back massage, Face is then cleansed toned exfoliated, then you are ready for the best part, A 15- minute massage on face neck shoulder’s and Now the mask is applied then more lovely massage lasting 30 minutes on legs and arms, this whole treatment lasts 75 minutes £85.00

Get in touch

If you have any questions that I can help you with just send me an email, or you can Facebook me on step up and sparkle. Improve your health, improve your life.

I am practicing within easy reach of Beaconsfiled.

So what are you waiting for? Message me to find out how I could help you regain your sense of well being.


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