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Homeopathy is a system of healthcare that considers the whole person.

Homeopathy works on the individual person with the illness.

Helping on a deep level the selected remedy stimulates the body's own natural healing to start the process of good health.

The homeopath's first aim is to trace your symptoms back to their cause, symptoms are the body's only way to let us know something is not right.

  • Asyra consultation one hour: £85.00,
  • Homeopathic consultations: £75.00 (This includes up to Three Remedies).


The Asyra AT3 is a computerized Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS).

It monitors a natural energetic reaction within the person being screened.

Electrical changes occur within acupuncture points when certain substances are placed near them

This shows whether the patient is sensitive to something or depleted in certain vitamins/minerals or, whether their bodies are toxic, and if they would benefit from a remedy such as a supplement and/or a homeopathic remedy.

Therefore by stimulating the energetic presence of a particular substance and monitoring the subsequent changes in the electrical characteristics of acupuncture points, we are able to move the body forwards to optimal health.

As a fully qualified Homeopath with 17 years of practice behind me, I know and understand why the Asyra picks the remedies it does and can explain to you the patient why you need these remedies and can benefit from having an Asyra screening.

I start with a full medical history and lifestyle, from the answers that are given I choose which tests will be best suited to your health issue.

The first appointment can take up to one and a half hours, where I will decide which tests are appropriate for you.

When the screening is finished the Asyra will have decided on your prescription. You will be asked to take the remedies for a period of time, and then to come back to see me, so this is where we can see the improvement and will make a further appointment to assess your progress.

Improvement can take as little as three months, or if you have had your health issues for longer; recovery can take longer.

  • ALL Consultations; £85.00

To find out the whole facts about the asyra visit; www.asyra.com

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